Pocket Scale

Quickly track your weight

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Quickly track your weight.

Pocket Scale is a super quick and easy weight tracker app. Simply tap the main circle, slide over to your weight, then press the circle again to save it and you are done! Pocket Scale will take care of the rest. You can also view your BMI, total weight lost or gained, and your history to see your progress.

View your history.

View your entire history of entries in an easy to read list. Add a weight entry for any previous date. Edit and delete any entry with ease. View your progress and total weight lost or gained. View your progress over a week, a month, 3 months, and your overall total.

Sync with Health app.

Pocket Scale can now sync your weight data with Apple's Health app. With Health you will be able to view all of your weight data in a beautiful graph. Every time you enter a weight into Pocket Scale it will automatically be synced over to Health. When you delete or change a weight entry in Pocket Scale that will also be automatically updated in Health.

Never miss a weigh-in.

Set daily reminders so you never miss a weigh-in. Simply pick a time you want to weigh in at and Pocket Scale will notify you. By never forgetting and tracking your weight everyday, you will be able to more accurately view and see your progress.

Customer Reviews

"I like the home screen. I absolutely love the way calendar and weight recording spinner is set."

- EarthIce

"Love it how it merges with the Health App for the iPhone"

- Airman744

"I use it everyday! This app has become a routine in my everyday life."

- Jpeeteey

Record your weight in 3 easy steps.

1. Tap to record

To record a new weight simply tap on the main circle to get started.

2. Slide to select

Then slide the weight picker left or right to your current weight.

3. Tap again to save

Once it's on the correct weight simply tap the main circle again to save it.

Start tracking your weight today.